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Pearl Drums 75th Anniversary 01/04/2021

75 years of Pearl Drums

2021 marks 75 years of Pearl Drums. Founded in 1946, Pearl have been making and inventing drums that we know and love for many years. Whether it be their iconic wood/fiberglass shells from the 70s or their modern flagship Masterworks series drums, Pearl are a household name amongst drummers, new and old. Players such as Jeff Porcaro, Dennis Chambers and Omar Hakim have helped shape and showcase Pearls incredible sound. To mark 75 years of this iconic company, Pearl are releasing special anniversary products that bring their most iconic vintage... Read More

Practicing Drums Quietly At Home

All drummers will know the struggle of practicing drums quietly at home and being conscious of not disturbing your neighbours. Fortunately, there are some solutions to lower the volume of at home practice. Here are a few of our favourites that we stock here at Footes. Stagg SXM and UFO Cymbals There are a few options when it comes to dampening cymbals. These range from purchasing low volume cymbals to applying dampeners to your existing gear. The most wallet friendly option when it comes to low volume cymbals are the... Read More

Junior Drum Kits

Pearl Roadshow Junior Drum Kit There are many Junior drum kits to choose from. The Pearl Roadshow Junior Drum Kit is the perfect option for young drummers looking for their first drum set. Unlike some beginner kits, the Roadshow Jr. is a scaled down version of a full drum kit. 6 ply wooden poplar shells with 45 degree bearing edges means this kit not only sounds great but is built to last. A common problem when starting out as a young drummer is being able to reach both the drums... Read More

New cymbals from Stagg SXM Low Volume and EXK Bronze Packs

Stagg SXM Low Volume Cymbals The number of people using low volume cymbals has increased dramatically over the last few years. They are the perfect solution for quiet at home practice or even performing at small venues because they retain the feel of a real cymbal. Stagg have introduced their version of low volume cymbals with a considerably wallet-friendly price tag. Made using a special alloy and perforated with lots of tiny holes to reduce volume, the Stagg SXM low volume range are up to 80% quieter than a standard... Read More

Remo skyndeep Tar 04/03/2021

Frame Drum Round-up

With lots of different frame drums available on the market, it’s hard to choose the perfect one for you so here’s a Frame Drum Round-up. Popular brands include Meinl, Remo and Siesta. It’s important when choosing the right drum for you to consider whether a natural skin or synthetic skin is the sound you’re looking for. Here’s a round-up of our favourites that we offer here at Footes. Meinl Hand Drum Made using hand selected goat skin heads and featuring a scalloped frame for a guaranteed comfortable grip, the Meinl... Read More


New Ludwig drums for 2021

Legacy Mahogany Black Cat New Ludwig drums for 2021. This Legacy Mahogany Black Cat kit is made from Ludwig’s legendary 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar Shell with solid maple 1/4″ reinforcement rings for added warmth and punch. Mahogany provides a smooth mid-range and a rich low-end, whilst the poplar adds crisp and a low-end boost, making it perfect for that vintage sound. Each drum is also fitted with satin black maple counter hoops with silver sparkle inlays. Available in two configurations, 22×14, 13×9, 16×16 and 24×14, 13×9, 16×16. The Ludwig Legacy Black Cat... Read More


New Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Cymbal Set

Consisting of 15” Hi hats, 17” and 19” crashes and a 21” ride, this is the latest cymbal set being added to Istanbul Agop Xist Cymbals. They’re exclusive to the UK. The brilliant finish Istanbul Xist range, made from Istanbuls B20 alloy which is often found on their top end cymbals, are known for their bright tone, quick attack and pleasant wash. Machines are used to hammer these cymbals from a mould, providing an even tone and focussed sound. This method has been described by Istanbul as a “modern take... Read More

Istanbul Traditional Jazz cymbals 08/02/2021

Istanbul Traditional Jazz series cymbals

Brand new to their ever popular and ever growing range are the Istanbul Traditional Jazz cymbals. Hand crafted in Turkey. This range features 14” hi hats and both 20” and 22” ride cymbals. Istanbul describe this range as a sound that pays homage to tradition whilst sitting in a modern context. They are “musically dynamic and responsive”, and sound at home in almost any genre. 14″ Traditional Jazz Hi Hats These Traditional series hi hats are dark and washy with a defined and focused sticking and chick sound. The definition from these... Read More

Tama Club Jam drums 01/02/2021

Tama Club Jam Drum Kits

Tama Club Jam Flyer Drum Kit If you’re looking for a drum kit with a small footprint to play in clubs or bars, or if you have a small practice space at home, then look no further than the Tama Club Jam Drums. First up, the Tama Club Jam Flyer drum kit features a 14×10” bass drum with bass drum riser, 8×6” tom tom, 10×9” floor tom and a 10×5” snare drum. For such a small sized drum set, this kit delivers a “well-rounded, balanced, authentic drum sound despite its... Read More


Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats – still the best compact kit

The most important aspect of buying any drum kit is how it sounds. Our best seller and ever popular Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats compact drum kit maintains the sound, projection, tone and feel of a full size kit but packed into smaller sizes. Featuring a 16×14″ bass drum, 10×7″ tom, and 13×13″ floor tom with an optional 14×5” matching snare, this drum kit is small enough to rock out in any close quarters gigging situation.  Not just a kit for the seasoned professionals, the Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats compact drum kit appeals... Read More