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RTOM Black Hole Practice Pad 09/06/2020

Mesh Practice Pads And Drum Heads

Being able to practice quietly and without disturbing the neighbours is a long-time struggle for drummers. On the market today, there are a number of brands who have designed drum pads that maintain a realistic feel whilst significantly reducing the volume of the drum kit. Here’s a few of our favourite mesh practice pads and drum heads for lowering the volume of drum kits.  Remo Silentstroke Remo Silentstroke drum heads are made with a tough, 1-ply mesh material which provides a soft, spring-like feel to your drums.. The heads have... Read More

Favourite mountable percussion for drums 03/06/2020

Favourite mountable percussion for drums

Here’s some of our favourite mountable percussion for drums and drum kits. Shop online at or come and try out in-store! LP Black Beauty Cowbell As one of the most popular on the market, the LP Black Beauty cowbell really needs no introduction. This 5” high pitched, bright sounding bell is versatile in any musical scenario. The slightly rounded playing surface allows for a consistent sound every time it’s struck. The bell cuts through easily in live situations and thanks to its moderate overtones, works well in the studio... Read More

Effect Cymbal 29/05/2020

Effect Cymbal Round up

If you’re looking for ways in which to add character and personality to your cymbal set up, exploring effects cymbals is one of the best ways to do so. Here in our effect cymbal round up are some of our favourite effects cymbals that we offer at Footes . Paiste – PSTX The PSTSX range is Paiste’s answer to all things effects cymbals. The different variations in stacks, crashes, hats and splashes cater for versatility across all genres. A huge plus for PSTX cymbals is their affordability and professional build.... Read More

Pearl Eliminator Solo 18/05/2020

Pearl Eliminator Solo Bass Drum Pedals

For nearly 20 years, the original Pearl Eliminator series bass drum pedal, featuring the revolutionary interchangeable cam system, has been the go to pedal for studio and live drummers. At the beginning of the year, Pearl announced the release of a new variation, the Pearl Eliminator Solo Pedals. This version delivers the versatility and performance of the original pedal in a streamlined single cam option.  Both variations of this pedal incorporate Pearls ‘click-lock spring adjustment’, which locks the desired spring setting in place and prevents tension creep. As well as... Read More

Headhunters Fat Bastards Brushes 18/05/2020

Headhunters drum sticks and creations

As drummers, we are constantly looking for new ways to create and explore sounds around the drum kit. Headhunters drum sticks and creations are from Canada. They provide drummers and percussionists with innovative and expressive drum sticks, rods and brushes that help with this process. Here are a few we offer here at Footes. Headhunters Fat Bastards Hybrid Brushes Rods  A favourite of many Headhunters’ artists, these rods are made from small wooden dowels bundled into 5 groups of 15. The rods are designed to feel light in the hand... Read More

Prologix practice pad for drummers 29/04/2020

Prologix Practice Pads for drummers

Prologix offer a wide range of practice pads for drummers. The Variant Resistant Training (VRT) products are perhaps the most popular from Prologix. These pads are designed and engineered to help increase stamina, build resistance and develop dexterity. At Footes, we offer these pads in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” variations. The 6” has a mounting nut underneath which allows the pad to screw onto a cymbal or pad stand. Other sizes are able to mount on a snare stand, drum or in your lap. Here’s a more in depth... Read More

Sabian HHX Complex Thin Crash 24/04/2020

Sabian HHX Complex cymbals – Review

Towards the end of 2019, Sabian revamped their HHX line with the addition of their new Complex series cymbals.  The Sabian HHX Complex cymbals combine hammering techniques found in both the HH and HHX lines to create a dark, modern cymbal with an explosive attack and a short sustain. These cymbals have a raw, medium sized bell which has been heavily hammered with tight markings. The body of the cymbal is lathed with bigger, fuller markings. This range is comprised of 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″ and 22” thin crashes,... Read More

Remo Silentsroke drum heads 24/04/2020

Remo Silentstroke drum heads

Remo Silentstroke drum heads for near silent practice on your existing drum kit. Practice at home without disturbing anyone and still enjoy the feel of a real drum kit. Drummers have always battled with noise levels when practicing. Fortunately, companies are producing products that allow us to play quietly without comprising what it feels like to play a real kit.  Remo Silentsroke drum heads are the best low volume drum head available on the market today. The heads are made using a tough mesh that reduces the sound of the... Read More

Ludwig Breakbeat Compact Kit 06/04/2020

Compact drum kit round up

Every gigging drummer has struggled with transporting kits to and from gigs. If you live in a city and regularly play at bars and clubs or even if you have limited space in your car, you will know how frustrating it can be. That’s where compact portable kits come in to play – drum kits that don’t compromise a great sound. There are many compact portable drum kits available on the market nowadays. Most have smaller than average bass drums i.e. 16″. Popular models include the Ludwig Questlove Breakbeat, Pearl... Read More

Footes anniversary shop window 100 years 24/02/2020

This year we celebrate our 100th anniversary!

Established in 1920 at 232 Hornsey Road London and founded by Charles Ernest Foote, Footes supplied and manufactured drums and percussion (alongside woodwind and brass) instruments.  In 1924, Ronald E Foote joined and began to market the ‘REF’ series of snare drums which included innovative features such as a parallel snare and internal damper. During the Second World War, both Charles and Ronald left to fight for their country and the shop was left in the safe hands of Fred Della Porta, then Sales Director of Premier Drums.  Following the bombing of the Hornsey Road premises, the shop was moved... Read More