75 years of Pearl Drums

2021 marks 75 years of Pearl Drums. Founded in 1946, Pearl have been making and inventing drums that we know and love for many years. Whether it be their iconic wood/fiberglass shells from the 70s or their modern flagship Masterworks series drums, Pearl are a household name amongst drummers, new and old. Players such as Jeff Porcaro, Dennis Chambers and Omar Hakim have helped shape and showcase Pearls incredible sound. To mark 75 years of this iconic company, Pearl are releasing special anniversary products that bring their most iconic vintage drums into a modern day. Here’s a look at some of our favourites. 

President Deluxe 

The President Deluxe revives the dark and unique tonality of the vintage sounding Philippine Mahogany Lauan shells. This kit sounds warm and fat with lots of low range for a full controlled playing experience. The Deluxe series features the same era correct and elegant hardware components as the Phenolic. Available in two 3 piece configurations 22×14, 16×16, 13×9 and 20×14, 14×14, 12×8. The Deluxe is available in two timeless finishes, ocean ripple and desert ripple. A matching snare drum is also available separately. 

Deser Ripple President Deluxe

Sensitone Heritage 

Pearl brings three new Sensitone Heritage snares to the anniversary range, steel, aluminium and brass. The Sensitone 1mm steel snare is very versatile and has a bright, crisp attack. The 1.2mm aluminium Sensitone drum has a dry, focussed crack and quick decay. The most tonally centred and explosive snare is the black nickel over brass. This drum performs amazingly in both studio and live situations. Each snare features Pearls SR-017 strainer, CL bridge lugs and triple flanged hoops. Available in sizes 14×6.5 and 14×5.

Aluminium Sensitone Heritage


A nod to the original jupiter snare, the Duoluxe features a 1mm chrome over brass shell. Inlayed into the drum are twin bands of white marine pearl for added tone and style. Available in sizes 14×5, 14×6.5 with vintage battleship lugs, SR-017 strainer and triple flanged hoops. This snare really is the perfect blend of classic and modern.

Sensitone Duoluxe


The Stavecraft snare drum is the perfect fusion of old world workmanship and new school performance. This stave drum has two ultra thick shells that start from pure Thai Oak or Exotic Makha wood. An added segment is inserted between the two staved layers to bond the shells, making the shell 50% stronger. The drum is lathed, hand lacquered and paired with a Remo CS Black Dot. As well as this, the Stavecraft snare has an SR-150 click lock strainer, die cast hoops and swivel tub lugs. Available in Thai Oak or Exotic Makha. 14×6.5 or 14×5. 


There is also some new innovative hardware for this year. The B1030C curved boom cymbal stand, and CH1030C curved boom cymbal holder will help create some stylish looking visuals to your drum kit set up. There’s a couple of superb mounts for your bass drum hoop; the CLA130 will hold a pair of hi hats and the CHB75CA will hold a cymbal. A new x-hat CLH70 which comes complete with a mounting clamp to hold a pair of closed hi hats.

Also for 2021 is a new colour for the world’s no.1 selling drum kit, the Pearl Export. Night Sky Sparkle is a limited edition finish available for this year in the popular sizes. We offer this set as a complete drum kit package or without cymbals and/or stands to suit if you are upgrading from a starter drum kit.

All of these new products from pearl are being released now and throughout the year in celebration of 75 Years of Pearl Drums.

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