Zildjian FX Stacks

New Zildjian Cymbals for 2019

Zildjian have launched some exciting new cymbals for 2019.

First up we have the FX Stacks. These come complete with a Zildjian Cymbolt mount that allows you to use them as Hi Hats or a Stack. Either way you’ll have the perfect addition to your set up that can go from bright, fast and cutting, to trashy and raw:

• Distinctive hole pattern and curvature of the proprietary alloy top, paired with a cold-rolled steel bottom creates a new and innovative stack sound
• Includes an exclusive multi-functional Zildjian branded Cymbolt Mount that allows you to change your set-up or your pitch with ease
• Available in pairs of 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” sizes

Zildjian Oriental Crash of Doom

Next up is an addition to the Oriental range, a mighty 22” Crash Of Doom. We found this can be played as a deep dark ride as well as its intended exotic explosive accents and effects.

• Explosive crash sound that is dark, trashy, and low-pitched
• Traditional finish and thin weight

Zildjian K Cluster Crashes

The Zildjian K range has been extended to include the new K Cluster crashes. These are similar in weight as the popular Sweet crashes. The K Cluster crashes have the same traditional hammering as well as small clusters of deeper hammering, expect a little more trashy Zildjian crash cymbal.

• Darker, trashier sounds than traditional K cymbals
• Traditional finish, extra thin weight, with an unlathed bell
• Available in 16”, 18” and 20”

Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hats

Also new to the K range is a pair of 14” K Sweet Hi Hats. These add to the K Sweet line up of  15” and 16” K Sweet Hi Hats. These hats are very responsive, versatile and suit most styles of music.

• Dark sound with a solid chick and full wash
• Thin top, extra heavy bottom with an unlathed bell
• Traditional K style hammering

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbal Set

Lastly there is the new Zildjian K Custom Special Dry cymbal set. These are raw and earthy, delivering a dry, funky sound with a fast attack. Perfect for playing in the studio or on stage.

• Quick, fast attack and lots of dirt
• Innovative three step hammering process
• Fully lathed bottoms
• Natural top finish, with traditional finish underneath

 The Zildjian KSCP4681 K Custom Special Dry cymbal set includes:
14” K Custom Special Dry HiHats
16” K Custom Special Dry Crash
18” K Custom Special Dry Crash
21” K Custom Special Dry Ride

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