Aerodrums | Silent Percussion Air-Drumming Instruments

Aerodrums is an amazing new kind of silent percussion air-drumming instrument and can achieve everything that a real drum set can do without spending time carrying around and setting up a physical drum kit.


Aerodrums runs on your computer and understands your drumming intent by watching you drum through a high speed camera. 
It's flexible and highly extensible enabling you to create and configure your own Aerodrums drum kit, use your own sound samples and trigger your drum sampler or Digital audio workstation via MIDI.


Play drums when and where you want with Aerodrums. (The required camera is included in the Aerodrums package).

* Silent to others when used with headphones
* Very portable: fits in your backpack with a laptop
* Musical expressiveness on par with a real drum kit or electronic drums
* High sound quality (uses over a gigabyte of high quality drum samples)
* Completely customizable: trigger samplers and DAWs via MIDI, or use your own samples

Aerodrums | Silent Percussion Air-Drumming Instruments